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I’m sitting at work, so thankful it is Friday.

TGIF…this week was soooooo busy but today not so much. I’m not complaining…buuuuut slow Fridays at work are sooooooo hard.

Did I mention that I didn’t sleep last night. Had a little bout of insomnia.

*I blame any ramblings, whining, and snarkiness during this post on the insomnia.*

I’m not sure where I am going with the title…I wanted something catchy that describes my thoughts on the past week and my hopes for the following.

Flashbacks are:

1-My boss returned from a month long stint in Grand Jury jury duty. While she was out she worked remotely and I was helping her. She got me a cute “Thank you” card AND a gift card.


I was so shocked. I didn’t think I was doing anything special. It’s my job to assist her. She is cool people. We work well together.

2- Co-worker learned that I am a fan of the yellow Oreo’s. I forget the exact name. She said I didn’t know goodness till I tasted…


so she bought me a box. OMG goodness. These are so much better than the Golden Oreo’s (remembered the name) even if they are sweeter. So I limit myself to two a day…so far…lol

3- My hair has been looking fabulous. Still in it’s TWA stage but my curls are forming a life of there own as it grows. I wish I could capture the sight in a photo but I haven’t been able to 🙁 Trust me…my curls are popping.

4- My week ends with another round of new responsibilities added to my resume. I’m learning more and more about the A/P process (Accounts Payable)

Flash Forward

1- This Saturday I am going to do the makeup for my friend, Jess. She is an awesome Physical Trainer (her blog is Sassy Girl Fitness) and she has a photo shoot. I’m pretty nervous about it. I’ve done her makeup before (when she had headshots done) but that was a good two years ago-maybe more. I don’t do a full face of makeup for myself anymore. Just foundation, powder, blush, and gloss. Some days I don’t even do mascara! I’m looking forward (duh!!!) to it. Makeup will always be my 2nd love.

2- A year ago I took out a loan and-drumroll…please…next week is my final PAYMENT. I can’t go into details but making this final payment means a lot more than paying off a debt. It means freedom.

3- Come Monday Summer is officially OVER. Fall begins on September 22nd at 10:29pm…so precise.

4- This may sound silly but I am looking forward to having my monthly Endo visit. I LOVE my doctor. It took me YEARS to find someone that not only understood that every diabetic is different he listens and understands that I am a diabetic and different from other diabetics. If I don’t like a medication I stop taking it. He isn’t pushy. I don’t own a scale but I think I may have lost the few pounds that crept up during the summer. The visit will deny or confirm this.

In a nutshell that is what I have been up to and plan to be up to.

I do plan to do more blog post…but I won’t promise.

Until next time,