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I have been nominated for the Liebster award by Melissy Goose over at www.melissygoose.blogspot.com. YAY!!! I’m fairly new to blogging so when I read up on what the Liebster Award actually is I thought “This is COOL”. I read that the Liebster award was started to recognize and/or discover new bloggers.

There are a few variations on what the rules are…I’m going to give you the rules that I was given:

  1. Post 11 facts about you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers with blogs that have under 200 followers (I broke that rule and made it 6 ;-))
  4. Link your nominees to the post.
  5. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  6. Let the nominees chosen know they have been tagged.

I think this is a really cool way to network and to help boost readership.

Here are 11 facts about me…

  1. I am a Scorpio. All personality traits of a Scorpio are 100%. I think that is pretty cool since I was born during the 7th month of my Mom’s pregnancy and she had to have an emergency c-section. Had she not gotten ill I would have been Capricorn or Aquarius.
  2. I love to iron. Out of all household chores. Ironing is my favorite. I find it peaceful.
  3. I am a caffeine addict…tea, coffee, soda…must have some form of it once a day
  4. I have ten tattoos.
  5. I go through weird food phases. I will get a taste or a craving for something and have to have it at least once a day or I go crazy. Right now it’s Cheez-It’s 🙂
  6. At work I display OCD tendencies at my desk but when I get home my apartment can look like an episode of Hoarders if I am not careful.
  7. I love the scent of a freshly sharpened pencil…wooden pencil. It reminds me of grade school.
  8. I’m an avid cat lover.
  9. I’m a list writer. If I have task I need to do- I write them down. Going shopping (food, clothing, drugstore items) they go on a list too.
  10. I am deathly afraid of the water…as in oceans and pools- YES pools. I don’t know how to swim and thanks to a traumatic experience as a kid while at day camp…I’m lucky if I allow my toes to get wet.
  11. YET…I have a dream of owning a beach house…because I love the sound of the waves and the smell of the salt 🙂

Now Melissy’s questions

  1. Tell me one thing about you not many people would know.- I have a horseshoe shaped kidney. Most kidney’s are on either side of your body. Mine were fused together while I was in the womb causing the shape. I haven’t had any adverse effect because of it.
  2. Who/What inspired your blog? – My Mom. She encouraged me to write in journals growing up. After she died I wanted to find a new way to express myself…and blogging was born.
  3. What is your favorite leisurely activity?- Does napping count? LOL, if not I would say listening to music. I get enjoyment from the tunes and my mind can be creative as I make up cool video scenes…as if I was the star or director.
  4. What was your favorite vacation spot and/or dream vacation spot?- Anyplace warm year round…lots of SUN and warm temps.
  5. Tell me 3 items on your bucket list.- Publish a novel, visit Japan, learn how to drive.
  6. If you could only have 1 makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?- Blush, I feel naked without blush and plain.
  7. Who has inspired you in some way and how?- My sister. She is 5 years older and growing up I always saw her as someone that had a solid plan for the future. She has been my rock. When our Mom died she selflessly did all the things I could not.
  8. Top 5 places you love to buy clothes from.- H&M, Old Navy, Forever 21, The Limited, Express
  9. Top 5 makeup brands you love.- Milani, Revlon, L’Oreal, Benefit, Maybelline
  10. Which do you prefer: Heels, Flats, Converse, or Flip Flops (or other).- Flats
  11. Who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?-  Eve eve_red


The Nominees~

My Questions 🙂

  1. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?
  2. Favorite food?
  3. When you were a little kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
  4. Click open your music playlist, hit shuffle and list the first 3 songs.
  5. Are you a cat or dog person?
  6. Favorite time of day (i.e. dawn, late afternoon, etc)?
  7. Do you live in a big city or a small town?
  8. Favorite piece of clothing?
  9. Favorite game you played as a child?
  10. Name 3 favorite tv shows (or books if TV isn’t your thing)?
  11. Why did you start your blog?

*Some bloggers decide to not participate. I was nominated on Sep 1 and it literally has taken me all week to do be able to do this. It is time consuming, but I had fun. If you decide to do(I hope you do), please comment and let me know ;-)*

Until next time,