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I love writing. It has been my passion since I was a 2nd grader. I have been trying to make it a career. It’s something I have wanted to happen but I don’t work at it. I go back and forth with my focus.

I feel like I have held on to a “if it happens it happens” mentality. Not possible if I want to be a published author.

Maybe two years ago a friend and I wrote a book. Once finished we both got wrapped up in our own lives and day jobs. Recently some interest in the book and maybe doing something with it…like publishing has been talked about.

Whenever I got frustrated with my 9-5  would think about that book and envision the life of a published author. I would think about all the other stories I have started, yet to finish.

Writing was supposed to be my way to gain financial stability while doing something I love…knowing that it would take a while to get recognized and make money to the level of stability I decided to go back to school…finally get that degree I should have gotten oh so many years ago.

I work primarily for an Accounting department as an Admin Assistant. As soon as the chance came for me to learn some accounting duties I jumped at it. I was getting bored and restless and desperately needed a challenge.

When I hear “Accounting” all I used to think was MATH…YUCK!!!!…I HATED math in school…but I was told this would be more data entry.

That was a lie…a good one…but a lie…there is data entry as well as some math involved. Nothing a good calculator and software can’t help with.

The work can be peaceful albeit tedious but I enjoy the solitude. The chance to be alone, focus and concentrate. I LOVE that.

LOVE, lol

Wanna know what else I love?  The dissecting of reports and spreadsheets. Trying to find the answers in their hidden places. Making sense of the unbalanced.

I’m good at learning procedure. Show me the steps once and I’m usually good to go.

Yet with Accounting understanding the procedure is almost the same as understanding the reasons behind it. Sometimes you can’t have one without the other.

Last week I was given a task with no instruction. I could have asked but I wanted to figure out the procedure by way of understanding the reason behind it.

I did 🙂 I was very very happy of that fact…boss said I did it “Perfectly”.

Before I made the choice to go back to school I questioned whether or not getting a degree in Business Administration would be worth it. Not the degree itself…obviously having a degree would help me.

I questioned whether or not I would enjoy taking Accounting courses (they are a requirement).

The more I begin to understand the reasons behind the procedures that I do on a daily basis the happier I become with my decision to go back to school.

I may not love Accounting yet…but I do like it. And when I’m doing something I like I’m happy.

Hopefully the excitement I get when…


Never gets old. Makes my work day fun.

Have a wonderful Happy Labor Day!

Until next time,