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I was first introduced to The Black Dagger Brotherhood by a co worker. Like myself she is an avid reader and suggested I give the books a chance since I like vampires and romance.

Set in modern day times in a small fictional town somewhere within Upstate New York, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a society of vampires that live together and defend the vampire race against Lessers; de-souled humans.

There are 13 books within the series. Last night I finished book 11. I am a stickler for reading books in the correct order. With some series you can get away with not going in order.

To me this series isn’t one. J.R. Ward, the author, does way too much of a fantastic job bringing these creatures. and their lives to life  for you to skip over parts.

Essentially each book focuses on one brother and a romantic relationship. A side plots are the brothers fighting the lessers, or The Band of Bastards ( a rouge, anti-Brotherhood group of vampires desiring to overthrow the King)

Oh, I didn’t mention there is a King…yes the vampires have a King, Wrath, that rules over them. His story is book 1


I think the one thing that keeps me coming back to these books isn’t so much the love stories. After a while it can be a little sappy…but that is only on the surface. Each character, from the Brothers, to their shellans (wives), to the supporting cast of characters, each one is written so well you can’t help but want to know what happens next.

At times the paranormal part bores me but I stick with the series because I love the characters.  As you read each book you realize that the books are mainly about the Brothers and focus more on their personality traits. J.R. Ward gives the reader insight into the females in the book but I only find myself caring about them because I want my Brothers to have a happy ending…sometimes they don’t.

There is a LOT of action, a lot of fighting scenes in some of the books. But nothing over the top or way too graphic.

Being a romance novel the sex scenes are steamy…VERY steamy…J.R. Ward has created the sexiest group of vampires I have read about in a long time.

The books are a quick read and I recommend them for anyone that enjoys paranormal and romance.

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