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After my first attempt at crochet braids I knew I wanted them again but I wasn’t excited about using the most popular brand Freetress because it is all curly styles. I didn’t want curly hair. What I wanted was an easy-no-fuss-protective style. In the past that meant getting braids.

I love microbraids but I don’t love the 12+ hours it can take. Nor do I love how microbraids can be damaging to hair if not careful.

That’s where this beauty comes in


Pre-braided Microbraids. I found the packs at my local BSS for $2 a pack. I picked up 6 in color 1B.

I went to Harlem to have my hair cornrowed.

photo1 (2) photo2 (1)

The ends of the braids are sewed up (couldn’t get a good picture of the back)

Simple braid pattern of going all back. My hair is fine so the braider used kanekalon hair to make the braids firm. Braiding across in the back would have been ideal so they could lie flat, but I think I can fix that with adding a row at the very bottom of kanekalon hair.

To help prevent the braids from unraveling too soon I put a tiny drop of Krazy Glue on the ends.

photo1 (3)

(waiting for the glue to dry, takes a few seconds to a minute)


This install took me about 4 hours because I kept taking breaks.

photo1 (4)


The braids are about 22″ in length so they hit the top of my butt. Cutting them really wasn’t an option because of the extra work to prevent unraveling, also I didn’t want them short. Straight and short…ehhh.

The braids aren’t as heavy as if I really had my hair braided.

Removal is super duper easy and because I glued the ends I can reuse (woohoo)

I feel like I should be on a beach, with a drink in my hand and a bikini on my body with braids this long. They should be blowing in a tropical breeze.

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