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Lately I have been thinking about getting another cat.
I’ve had two in the past, Serena ( black, grey, white shorted haired) and Angel ( Persian).

meNlife 004

meNlife 049
I adored these cats like they were my own children.
Serena was 11 years old when she passed away. Two years later I lost Angel when he was 10. I had both of them since they were kittens.
I got Serena with my first apartment. Angel right before I moved to my second one.

They followed me to each apartment I have had since the first…There have been 6 apartments.

On January 16 of this year I had to put Angel down due to kidney failure. When I came home to the silence that I knew I was now going to live with I kind of welcomed it.

Like a parent I sometimes wanted a break from pet ownership…

I wanted a break from…

The early morning feedings…

Vet and grooming visits…

Smelly cat litter…

Tumbleweeds of cat hair (no more long haired cats, lol)

The expensive of feeding another.

I enjoy not having the responsibility.

But I miss

The early morning anytime snuggle sessions.

Watching them get excited over seeing a bird, a squirrel, a balled up piece of aluminum foil.

Coming home after a bad, stressful day and receiving furry, purring kisses.

How well the mice stayed away so the cats could play.

*And yes the mice do play when the cats are away :-(*

I’m still in the “thinking” stages. I know some of the things I want to do differently this time is be as prepared as I can be.

I want to get pet insurance.

I want a decent supply of cat toys, maybe a cat condo. I’m living in a small studio and would like to be in a bigger place…but I was in a small studio when I had two cats. I want a young, young adult cat instead of an adorable-oh-so-cute-kitten.

The idea of introducing a new furbaby into my life again fills me with excitement and dread…#real talk.

I have lots of thinking to do.

Until next time,