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I’m quite envious of those that have gifted tongues and can speak more than one language. And I don’t just mean speak as in get by…I mean speak, read, write…fully comprehending a language that is not your native tongue. I know if I really wanted to I can learn another language despite what my memories are of  10th grade Spanish.

My desires to learn aren’t about function as much as form. Although when it comes to travel being multi-lingual would heighten the experience, true.

Compared to English every other language sounds beautiful, interesting, passionate, fun…lyrical…musical.

My first touch of music in another language isn’t truly another language more a dialect. My dad is from Trinidad and my mother’s family is Guyanese and Portuguese. I grow up listening to my fair share of soca, calypso music.

Sample of soca

Sample of calypso

At an young age I couldn’t (still can’t understand sometimes) much of what is said because of the heavy accents. But the sounds…AHHH the rhythms that infect you, get you on your feet. The basis for my love of music…period.

My first stop of this musical world tour is the Middle East. I became interested in Arabic music when I saw a makeup tutorial on a famous Arabic singer, Nancy Ajram


I think she is f’ing beautiful.  Interest piqued I did a Goggle search…I was mesmerized by her voice. One of my favorites is

Ya Salam

There is something so beautiful about the Arabic language that I find sensual.

Alabina is a French based group that performs a mix of world music- ranging from Middle Eastern, Arabic, Hebrew, French and Spanish Gypsy.  If you like many different types of music I think you will like them.

My favorite song by is Yalla Bina Yalla.

I found the group because the song was feature in the movie I Can’t Think Straight

When I first listened I was jamming because of the Arabic sounds, then came the Spanish Gypsy influence and was HOOKED.

I have the anime Vampire Knight to thank for introducing me to the world of Japanense artists.

Kanon Wakeshima sang the ending credit song, Still Doll.

But it is her song, Suna no Oshiro, that I find utterly beautiful and haunting.

Kanon is a cellist and her cello is always a main component in her songs.

My next musical port is France. I found Coeur de Pirate’s, La Petite Mort, in episode 10, season 1 of Orphan Black (HIGHLY recommend the show)

From Coeur de Pirate I found Amel Bent and her song, Ma Philosophie

From Amel Bent I came across Amine’s, Origines

Shout out to Spotify and Pandora for helping me travel the world via music.

Until Next Time,