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My favorite pastime this year hands down was browsing Pinterest. The site is like a black hole, Bermuda Triangle. My form of heaven during a boring slow work day.  So what better way to do a recap of the year than using what I found so damn interesting throughout it…


In the beginning of the year I began doing more Accounting work at my job. Something I would haven’t given a thought…ever…but turns out I kind of like it and plan to take a basic bookkeeping class in the Spring …Perhaps this is my true calling…NOT 😉



My work crush…one day he will have his own post, titled “I said YES”…it works on so many levels.


Spring found me reconnecting with an old childhood friend. Despite being apart for uh since 6th grade we act like no time has passed at all.


Most if not many conversations were about…


and Image

While I wanted to be all 


S was like…


So as Summer started my thought process was…


and thanks to finding a really cool bar and making some cool friends I had thoughts of

youmethis  and lipbiter

During this time I decided that I would embark on a “hair growth journey”. 

Me then


Me now…


Good times were approaching because Fall brought New York ComicCon. My first time ever!!! My 


and I had a blast.

Then came the best month of the whole year, November. I was all


because on the 18th it was.

But I was also a little melancholy because I kept asking S  restart

Me during the cooler/colder months 


2013 had me saying goodbye to people I never thought I would let go of

  Toxic Friends

I cried and then I said


The year wasn’t always filled with roses. I had my share of thorns. We won’t think about those because

change of address

Check out my Pinterest boards here when you want to lose a few hours.


Until next time, xo