*The YMMV category is about things that I’ve been into/obsessed with/in love/lust with for more than two days…Basically stuff/people/places that I can’t get enough and want to share.*

The Civil Wars– a musical duo of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White. They fall under the Americana, Folk, Indie folk genres.  I saw a USA network “Characters Welcome” segment with the duo and their song “The One That Got Away”.  I was instantly hooked.  With good reason…They wrote the song “If I Didn’t Know Better” featured on the tv show Nashville. One of my favorite shows and songs featured on the show. The country vibe is evident the moment songs start but the sounds that follow hit me with a slight edge that have me doing more than just wanting to tap my feet.

My top pick is – Barton Hollow

Next up is another musical duo- MS MR made up of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow. I blame Pretty Little Liars for featuring four of their songs from the album Secondhand Rapture– “Salty Sweet”, “Hurricane”, “This Isn’t Control”, and “Bones”.  Again I am going with an Indie Folk genre yet there are influences of Pop. There is something about Lizzy’s voice that puts me under a spell. Haunting, melodious, just like the lyrics.

My top pick is- Bones- If the song sounds familiar that’s because it was used in a promotional trailer for Game of Thrones Season 3,

Seedless Red Grapes and Pepperoni …I know I know, hear me out though…at certain times of the month (like millions of other women) I crave something salty and sweet. This combo does it for me without spiking my blood sugar too high.  I pick up a lb of red grapes and some Homel Pepperoni and I am set for the duration of my emotional rollercoster called PMS. The grapes give the right amount of sweet while the pepperoni…yeah you get the picture. I did discover this combo during a PMS juncture but since I eat this any time of the month it is a qualifies as an of obsession for me.

Stream TV is a godsend for those that do not have cable or the time to watch cable. I don’t have cable. I have basic, yet most of the shows I love are on non basic channels. In an attempt to watch The White Queen I found this site. You click on the title show you want to watch and you have a choice of picking an upload site to watch from.

YES BE WARNED pops will happen, but it’s free TV and the site is UPDATED DAILY.

So far I have watched The White Queen, Luther, Ray Donovan, Pretty Little Liars and Son’s of Anarchy and some of Strike Back.

They have past seasons. That means they can have complete series…it’s like Netflix but without the cost and with added annoyance of broken links and slow page loads, and possible virus…but it’s free. So far my netbook is virus free cause of Norton.

And lastly we have a big one for me…I’ve been into/obsessing over my hair since I decided to let it grow out. I’ve had it cut low for 13 years for 3 reasons:

1- I don’t like doing hair.

2- In memory of my mom who wore a short afro or TWA (teeny weeny afro).

3- I think I look sexier with short hair.

This summer I got bored. Didn’t want to color my hair because it never last as new growth comes in. My sister said “just let it grow a little. Let the curls come in. It will soften you up.”

The short hair CAN be a bit harsh…

Thanks to sis…I am now obsessed with that very fact…the CURLS COMING IN. I stopped cutting my hair in June…I didn’t have a pixie cut to begin with. I had a low fade.  Of course not much hair has grown in but enough that I see the CURLS. I can see the potential in the future.

I can play with the curls, twisting around my fingers.  I have an inch…maybe 1 1/2″.  I spend money buying products that will enhance my “curls”. (I’ll do a YMMV on products next time 😉 ) I wake up an half and hour earlier so I can make sure I get my curls just right.

Below is a pic. Easy to tell what’s what.


Personally I think I look smoking hot with no/less hair. Still I added my hair to YMMV because hair is my love now.  I have a “Hair Crush” board on Pinterest.  I visit hair care forums and I RSS to hair blogs. I marvel at curls that I never knew I had or could have. I’m using the “grow time” as time to learn how to care for my hair. However come tomorrow morning I might wake up and whip out my rusty clippers, buzzing away my curls. Sometimes my mileage only goes so far.

What are somethings that you are loving or obsessing over- food, clothing, shows, music, spots in your hometown? My mileage may vary but I want to know what’s making you smile.

Until next time,

xo, Novelty